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New 1994 Lexus Gs300 Questions

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Hey! New to the boards I just bought today actually a 1994 Lexus GS300 it's pearly white with 89k miles for $2900. 1 owner car.

The only disappointments with this car are...

1. Cloth upholstery

2. Passenger fender has a dent and needs replacing

3. Driver side window doesn't seal, it goes up all the way but you can kind of hear the wind while driving it.

4. Passenger side window button doesn't work

Thats it. Other than that its flawless and having been an avid Mercedes fan for a long time I really, realllly like the feel of this car when I drive it and its turn radius is absolutely stunning to me.

I was wondering, how hard would it be to replace the seats to black leather seats? I found a black 1995 GS300 on craigslist for 700 that got in a huge fender bender but the interior is immaculate, just wondering what you guys think about stripping the interior from the 95 and putting it in my 94?

Also, does anyone know a cheaper place to find a fender? I see them online for $300 but don't really want to spend that on a fender.

Thanks for any replies =]

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Oh, also to add a couple notes.

I took the car to my best friend who is a Mercedes engineer to check out the car mechanically and when it was there it passed their 127 point inspection with flying colors besides the obvious minor glitches that can be taken care of..

2 odd things though.

1. My fiance swears that she smells some sort of burning when she turns the car off and has it parked, I smell I guess something but my buddy says we're crazy and theres nothing to worry about that the cars fantastic it doesn't run hot at all, the motor doesn't feel hot the engine is using synthetic oil that was just freshly changed last week according to service records and there is absolutely no smoke and no fluid leak except for #2 oddity..

2. There seems to be like a fixture drain pipe type deal on the passenger side that drips water, clear, odorless liquid that I am 100% positive is water. Is this normal for a Lexus? I was thinking of plugging it up or something in the morning when I can see it better but I just found it kind of weird.

Thanks again. =]


2. I feel kind of stupid, its probably just the air con. LOL wow. It totally just went over my head... ok NOTHING TO SEE THERE. =P

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