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1994 Lexus Ls 400 Front Fenders


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Not to hard.

1) Remove headlight units (s/b 4 bolts and connectors)

2) Remove all plastic screws running left to right or vice versa on the top of the bumper. (10 or so)

3) Remove undercover

4) Remove all plastic screws running along the bottom of the bumper cover. (10 or so)

5) Remove 2 bolts on inner fender (can see them when headlights are out) 2 each side where bumper cover meets fender

6) Remove nuts 1 each side of inner wheel well ( feel inside lip by bumper cover and you will feel the nut.

7) Remove 2 bolts attaching inner wheel cover on each side( maybe just as easy to remove the whole inner cover for easier access. Don't loose the clips that hold the inner cover to the front bumper cover as they are hard to come by.)

Once all are removed bumper cover should slide right off, bumper foam may come off with it, just pull it out and install in new cover.

The plastic screws can be pretty worn so be patient, you can purchase new ones off of ebay in packages of 10 I thnk for cheap!

Hope this helps!

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