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Air And Radiator

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You could change the coolant a little early, I personelly think the maint schedules are more of a marketing speal, and not totally realistic. You will not hurt the car by doing it sooner than they recommend.The ac is a closed loop system, but you do have a cabin filter that should be changed, and the condenser fins should be checked for obstructions. Generally you can just backwash them to clean stuff off. BE CAREFULL AROUND THE CONDESSOR treat it gently while cleaning.

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Hello George,

How to make condenser fins straight. Mine is 12 yrs older. That is will helps.

They have a tool, that looks like a comb, has several different sides to it. Each side is for different fin "Densities" that will straighten the fins and also dig out any hard core Kamikaze bugs.

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Let me ask one more question for Sienna. same 1MZFE Engine. When minivan is cold no problem. after comes to operating temp.,

if you stop on stop light or sign and if you move your steering wheels to right at some vibration you feel on steering wheel.

nothing happen on left turing. any idea? minivan has 140K.

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