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1997 Es 300 Ignition Switch

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I have a 1997 ES 300 with 102,000 miles on in. Several times in the last few months I have turned the key to start the car and nothing happens - dead silence. I can turn it a second time and it starts perfectly (sometimes it takes a third try). I don't think the problem is the battery since it is relatively new (installed 10 months ago). Plus, when the engine does start, it turns over very strongly.

I wonder if my problem is a bad ignition switch (or one that is in the process of going bad). I wasn't that concerned since this was only a minor annoyance that occurred perhaps once every two months. However, last week it occurred several days in a row. I'm afraid the condition is deteriorating and I don't want to be left stranded somewhere.

Any comments or advice?

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Starter contacts ? Does your key fit tightly in the ignition? or is there any play ? Double check the battery terminals so they are very clean and tight.

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