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Exhaust / Vibration At 60mph / Knocking From Wheel When Turning Right

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I have a 1999 GS400 130,000 miles - 3 issues before i decide whether to sell current car or buy newer (01 - 03) GS.

1) Issue with exhaust, when reving in park, when tach is coming back down after letting foot of gas, hearing a grinding sound, loud. When in drive, only hear it at about 3000rpm. Put up on life, not back pipes, and not sure if cats are bad or what. I dont want to buy an exhaust system, any suggestions?

2) Tires were worn and steering wheel was shaking like crazy, got new tires (yokahama S drive), high speed balancing and alignment. Vibration is not as bad, but still noticeable at 60 - 65mph - took back to where i got alignment, they put on a lift and pointed to my read drive shaft and said that was causing the vibration, im taking it to lexus this week, but would appreciate insight.

3) When making right turn at speeds above 30mph, hearing knocking sound coming from front drivers side tire. Wheel bearings?




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