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Passenger Side Window Motor Is Broken.

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one day i was sitting in a drive thru at a bank talkin' on the celly. the vehicle beside me was having muffler issues or something. to loud to have my conversation, i decided to let the window up. upon doing so, i heard a loud pop and the window slowly slid back down into the door. when i got home, i removed the interior door panel to inspect the problem and all i found was a small piece of white plastic laying in the bottom crease of the door. the plastic was no larger than the head of a thumb tac and i couldn't see further inside the door to find the windows motor. i guess it's safe to assume there are more removable panels to the door considering you have to get to the windows motor some how. i'm used to working on hondas. i learned really quik that the LEXUS was designed to eliminate the handy man at home. but i am the handy man and i am at home... if you've had this problem and manage to fix it without the assistance of dealership intelect, give me some ideas, please, before i go outside and start taking the car apart. the window motor makes it's normal sound when i push the button, but hasn't any effect. i'm currently using a pair of grip pliers on the window track to hold the window up and its summer time. the A C dosen't work and its awful.:cries:

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