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1994 Lexus Ls 400

Larry W

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Both of my remote keys are falling apart. Is the dealer the only place of Earth to buy replacements?

As far as i know it is the only place. Ebay has some occasionally, but I would question whether it is worth the gamble with the non-Lexus keys and fob's.

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I have purchased two keys from Sewell Lexus in Dallas via the web. They were about one third of the cost at the local dealer here in Los Angeles. The most-recent was a replacement for the master key where the case was cracked beyond repair. They cut the key and sent an empty blank and I transfered the transponder from my key to the new and was good to go. The entire proscess from ordering to completion was four days.

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If you even looked at the threads on the 1st page of this LS forum... you'd see the other Key thread where I posted up a link for Sewell, and instructed the OP to buy keys from them..

always Sewell for keys..

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Unless you're determined to have the actual keys with the little button on the side, you might want to look into getting an after-market multi-function remote. This same problem happened to me; they keychain loop to my key with door remote broke off completely, and i went to three different dealers (both toyota and lexus) to see how much it would cost. They wanted between $450 and $650 to replace the key, the remote sensor in the vehicle, AND cut a spare.

For the same price, I found a Clifford door lock/alarm/remote start on Amazon, and had it installed. This remote has approximately a half-dozen different functions it can perform, including popping the trunk, popping the gas cap, pretty much anything you want that is electrically wired in the car. I was able to get the system AND the installation for just over $400...

To Hades with the OEM key remotes, I say.

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