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Satellite Install Help

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ok I have SIRIUS STILETTO S100 (Portable satellite radio) with lifetime subscription.

When I got my car last year I noticed that the 6-disc radio had a sat button on it and I found a way to hook-up my portable radio to have all functions work through the radio.

The components I got were the Sirius Connect Lexus [TOYSC1]

post-95409-1244209345_thumb.jpg and

the Sirius Connect Vehicle Kit [sCVDOC1]


Now I do not want to spend a fortune with an installer as it is plug and play set-up.

What I need to know is how to get to the back of the radio, I know the previous IS250 had a plate on the dash, but the new style does not have one.

Any help would be great, thanks

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Start with a credit card or a plastic putty knife and remove the driver side trim piece first. It comes up and out at an angle with simple clips:


Take the shifter knob off:


Flip the cup holder door open, and pull back and up at the same time and it should come right out.


Remove the ashtray and assembly:


If you look in the top of the air vents you will see four 1/4" holes in the two vents. If you gently insert a flat head scewdriver at about a 45 degree angle up into the holes and gently pry down you will see that a plastic clip will come down with the driver and clip into a down position....do this to all four...then with a "plastic" pry tool, pry the vents out ...the dash is very forgiving....it will not dent...(at least mine didn't) and pull the vents out again they are held in with astandard clips....This was the hard part. It took me about 20-30 minutes of working it out to get this removed. This part is the hurdle to get over. The rest is easy and it's easy to put back in as well.


There are 4 10mm bolts holding in the complete NAV assembly. Once they're removed your set.


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