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Spare Tire For 2006 Sc430


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I have seen a number of posts on this request, but am looking for more complete info. Has anyone actully found a spare tire alternative to the dealer version? I have seen suggestions for Acura TL and Supra, but I would like to get more specifics of what the tire is eg model of acura, supra, size of the tire, etc. for example, I saw on one of the posts where an Acura TL spare would fit, but the tire size shown was 17" and and a stock SC430 has 18" tires so that did not seem to wash. Anyone out there have actual experience?

PS my use for the spare is to just throw it in the back for any long trips like LA to Vegas where the ride would be more enjoyable knowing you could fix a flat if necessary :-)

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Google "SC430 spare tire kit". The spare tire for the SC430 from Lexus is shown as being a "T145/70R17 temporary spare tire". All you are going to use it for is to limp your car to the next tire repair facility. There seems to be a number of alternates including the space saver spare from the 1990s Supra Twin Turbo. I'm seeing the SC spare tires on eBay too.

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I have been trying to figure this out as well. I have 4 stock wheels from a 98es300 packed away in garage attic, I plan on pulling them out and if it fits and clears the brake rotors that will be my spare, I still have about 3/4 tread on runflats that came with car so it will be awhile. If you guys find out any more info please update. Thanks-Dave

By the way, with all the trash talk about the runflats I must admit I was pretty impressed when rotating tires last week I pulled a nail out that was at an angle between the tread and about 2"deep. I thought the tire would loose pressure for sure but it didn't , they do ride a little rough though.

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