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Sirius Radio In 2007 Es350

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Hey Everyone,

Does anyone have (or know of) problems tuning channels with Sirius satellite radios installed? The dealer installed mine last year, and most of the time, it's not receptive when I want to change the channel. For example, sometimes the radio stays on one channel after starting the car up, and even if I spin the tuning button, nothing happens and the channels don't change. Sometimes, I don't even hear any sounds from the radio until 5-10 min after the car starts up.

Does anyone else have this problem? I've had the dealer look at this at least 4 times, and they've replaced the wiring harness 3x, the antenna once, and changed a fuse. I can't think of what might be causing this, other than a defective radio. This doesn't happen with the FM/AM stations either.

Just want to hear any suggestions....


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