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Installing A New Rf Cd/mp3 Changer On 2003 Rx300


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Hi all! I have a 2003 RX300 with the standard 6 disc cd changer sound system. I'm thinking of adding a RF/ radio modulated MP3 changer so i can listen to mp3 songs easily.

Does anyone has any experience opening up the console? Or knows where to look for 12V power feeds ? i'm thinking about bolting down the new changer right under the front passenger's glove compartment, but that space has a very sponge material that seems to act as a cushion for passenger's feets. I'm not sure if i'll be able to secure the changer at the location.

Any suggestions are welcome.

TIA! :)

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I like what maruzo's suggesting. I dont think I would want to go so far as he says [personal opinion.] Maybe I dont take enough risks :-)

I've got the 6disc Nakamichi, 99RX300.

I wanted to know if anyone has an MP3 / radio transmitter, or something to that effect.


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It's definitely doable. the only question is how. I've done similar work on a mercedes and a bmw. The process is pretty much the same: determine the location for your new unit, open up the necessary panels along the way to lay in your wires, find wires that'll supply power to your unit, hook up everything and put back the panels. It's more of a challenge if you've never done it, but the more you try, the easier it gets.

Of course, you can always get your local radio shop to do it for ya, shouldn't cost more than 50~100 bucks for the installation.

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i dont care about my 6-CD changer. waste of money.

all my music is on a 20GB Apple iPOD.

i have an FM transmitter for my iPOD. quality is pretty poor (FM quality). plus, when i drive from san diego to LA, i have to change frequencies 2-3 times due to interference from regular FM stations.

all I need is an audio jack. I am willing to trash the CD changer. is there anyone who can add an audio jack?

Local Lexus people were clueless...

cant believe i paid $1000+ for a worthless 6CD changer.

wish lexus would add an aux jack to the sound system.

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