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Es330 Passenger Side Mirror

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I have a 2005 ES330. The passenger side mirror is stuck in the reverse position (down). I can move the mirror with the drivers side switch horizontally, but not vertically.

Is it a bad actuator motor? Or a fuse? or possibly something else.



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It could be either the switch or the motor drive in the mirror. You might try cleaning the switch contacts with electrical contact cleaner spray to see if that corrects the problem.

If not, you'll have to pull the mirror wiring connector and apply 12 volts across a pair of wires until you see the mirror move. Reversing the wires will move the mirror in the opposite direction. Then use the other set of wires you didn't use the first time to move the mirror, and then reverse them to move it oppositely. If you find a pair of wires that won't move the mirror, you'll have to replace the entire mirror.

A new mirror, when painted to match your car, will be many dollars. In the past I have found a used mirror in the wrecking yard, and then took it apart to put its mechanism into my old painted shell. It was a long, frustrating, fiddly job but it saved me a pile of money. It is not a job for the faint of heart, but it can be done if you're mechanically inclined and have the time and patience to tackle it. Good Luck!

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