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Lexus Of Dayton And My Rx

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Hey everyone so here is my experience with Lexus of Dayton...

So I was looking for a certified '04 RX with nav and I found one at Lexus of Dayton that was very nice and in my price range. I live in Toledo (about 2 1/2 hours away from Dayton) so I made the whole deal online and once that was all done my dad and I made the trip down there. So we got down there and finalized all the paperwork and I took home my RX, this is where my problems started...

On the way home I noticed that I had to keep the steering wheel turned to the right slightly to keep the car straight, if the steering wheel is straight then the car starts to veer left. When I got home I was cleaning the windshield (stupid bugs) when I noticed a crack about two inches long in the windshield this is where I got really agitated! Later I noticed that the plastic cover over the radio display was cracked along the right side all the way down, I know that isn't a big deal but still.... At this point I'm just angry that I'm spending about $500/month for what I thought would have been a fully checked over car which isn't.

So I called the sales person that I worked with and explained all the problems with the car and they said they wanted to take the car back to check it all over again and fix all the problems that I had brought up to them. Tomorrow they are going to send a shuttle driver to my office (about 3 hours from the dealer) with a loaner car and will take my car. I asked my sales person what kind of car they are sending me and she said an 05 ES. I know it's not that big a deal but I'm frustrated that I just moved up from my 03 ES to a bigger car and I have to go right back down a week later, I bought an RX for a reason!

I don't know how to feel about this... either totally cheesed off because I bought a CERTIFIED RX with all these problems or be pleased that they are driving all the way up to my office to get my car and fix it.

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