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Cigarette Lighter / Dc Power Outlet?


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I was recently using a cigarette lighter adapter air compressor in the DC Power Outlet on my 1999 Lexus LX470 to pump up the tires on a trailer and it appeared that I blew a fuse. I replaced the fuse with a new 15 amp fuse and the dash board DC power outlet still was not working. The DC Power Outlets in the center console box and the rear hatch both work with the new or old fuse in place ... but the console and rear hatch outlets do not work with the fuse removed so I am pretty sure I am replacing the correct fuse.

1. Is there an inline fuse behind the power outlet in the dash of the vechicle other than the fuse for the power outlets in the fuse pannel in the driver side foot area?

2. If there is no inline fuse / no other fuse for the power outlets besides the fuse in the driver side foot pannel ... I assume that I must have blown the DC Power Outlet or fried some wires that provide it with power :-?

Ideas for a solution, schematics as to how to access this area or someone who has experienced this problem and found a solution I would greatly appreciate that information.

Many Thanks,


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