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Rain Sensor Wipers


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I had the windshield on my RX330 replaced with factory Lexus glass and now the rain sensors don't work. The installer took the VIN to order the glass and said he didn't know how they work. Can anyone tell me how to reactivate the sensors?


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This is cut paste from one the members earlier one on the similar issue had. This is how the Lexus rain sensing wiper works:

The auto wiper system operates when the wiper switch is in the AUTO position.

The rain sensor is connected to each ECU through the multiplex communication line.When the rain sensor detects raindrops in the detection area of the windshield glass, the sensor sends a wiper control signal according to the amount of raindrops to the windshield wiper relay assembly. When the rain sensor malfunctions, DTC of multiplex communication systems can be seen at the same time. The cause can be a blown fuse, loose harness/connector at the overhead junction block , a broken rain sensor circuit or rain sensor itself.

Now coming to you since you have replaced the windscreen, I suggest put the Rain wiper s/w to Auto mode and goto a service station and have the wash done. Sometime there is a thin film which is inserted onto the glass as a protector to the sensor by the Manufacturer, you need to look at it really close.

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