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Denz Bmw 528i


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Hehe. Picked up a 528i yesterday but we are still planning to keep the GX as Lexus is very reliable and we love that car soo much. The 4Runner lease is up and out of the blues my dad decides to lease a new 528i.

It's a 2009 BMW 528i

Space Gray Metallic

Premium Package

Xenon Headlights

iPod Connector

BMW Assist

Nothing too fancy :P






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Ahem ahem. The two aren't getting along yet because the GX is allergic to the German enemy.. So it will take a little "getting used to" for the GX hehe because ever since we got the GX brand new it's always had a Japanese brother with her.:blushing: :P


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Nice. Your garage shot does look strange now. But I will say from your pictures I have determined what it is about the BMW 5 that I don't like. It's the tail lights. They just look dumb. THe rest of the car is ok, it's those tail lights. The headlights are somewhat quircky looking , but the LED and halo's make em cool anyway. the tailghts just get no help. Still, it's a nice car.

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I think the weird part is that they did not make the tail lights LED but they made the turn signals LED. The "cool" thing about the tail lights though is that there's strips of light that run across it that's always on even during the day so that serves as like the "park lights" in the back.. The LED strips on the top edges of the tail lights and headlights are always on also but I definitely love the angel eyes that make it look "MEAN" hehe..

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Just got back from a vacation (used the 4Runner on the vacation), so I greatly missed the new car smell of the BMW hehe. I've had this baby for 11 weeks and STILL NO PLATES. :huh:


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