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Thump Thump Thump Instead Of Radio Or Cd Sound Even When Audio Turned

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Suddenly I have sound problems. Even if the Audio is off, there is a thump, thump, thump (at a rate of 40 per minute) non-stop! This started 4 days ago. Since then, if the thump is absent, I can turn on audio and get radio or cd just fine. But, it will quit and the rhythmic thump starts again. I think its worse than silence! I have an appointment at the dealer tomorrow morning. Any ideas on this problem? I don't want a big bill and no solution and I think I'm crazed from the constant thumping.

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Is the thumping consistent in its timing per minute, or is it more sporadic? If it is sporadic, I would tend to think it might be a loose connection somewhere. If it is consistent, i.e. the same interval between thumps all the time, It sounds like perhaps you have a failed component inside your radio or amp.

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