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Ls 400


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Dear Sirs,

As I noted in my first post I am going to be buying my first "pre-owned" Lexus LS.

I would like to know what is the expected engine life of an LS model 150Kmi, 200Kmi, 250Kmi?? Are any of the years 95-99 better than others??

When should I expect to have to replace the transmission? 150Kmi etc?? Are any of the years 95-99 better than others??

Thank you in advance

Paul Hargraves

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I am sure others will have more to say than I on this Paul, but my extensive automotive experience, combined with a limited experience with Lexus, tells me that these LS models are ALL great cars in every respect, and they only get better as they get newer. I have a '92, and it is amazing. So newer is more amazing. Simple as that.

As far as life expectancy of the engine and trans - I haven't heard of, or met anyone, including dealer mechanics, who has rebuilt either. Canada's top Lexus technician works in my town, and he says he has never had the heads off one, or pulled a trans out. Of course that's good, as Lexus doesn't supply overbore pistons....replace the block is the service manual advice.

Lots are approaching the half million mile mark. No oil burning, no noises.

Buy one and forget you ever owned a Benz. If I can recall, I owned two Mercedes once upon a time.....Last week I drove a pal's 560SEC, which I thought for years was a great looking car. After I drove it I said "You just burst the bubble" He thought it was a compliment. I explained to him I no longer want one - I'm a Lexus fan and that's it.

Good luck with the purchase.

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Have a 99LS, purchased it over older models just to get VVT engine (290HP) and interior upgrades. Has a touch more legroom and trunkroom with different front grill styling. The engine and 5 speed tranny are on all 98-00 models.

I would expect the car to go 300 K Easy if you can drive it that much. My feelings are any Honda or Toyota 4 cyl. will get you 200-225k so this Beautifully engineered V-8 and solid transmission won't fail anytime sooner :D

You can do a pan drain on the tranny every 10k and probably NEVER have a problem. Lexus service interval is every 15K and all they do is the pan drain. Takes 2+ quarts.. I actually do it with every oil change @ 5K.

I test drove 97-01's from the Lexus dealer over a period of 3-4 months before deciding on the 99.

The ride is beautiful...

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My 1990 LS400 (first year) has 226,000 miles and still runs as smooth as silk. I have to look at the tach sometimes at the stoplights to see if the engine is still running it is so smooth. Also, the transmission is still smooth as silk and the car still does not have any oil / transmission fluid leaks.

From what I have been able to gather on the Lexus forums, it seems to me that the 1990, 1991 & 1992 LS400s have the least problems, or the least the lowest reported problems. It may be that either the owners do not post as much, or that the 90-92s are more rare I do not know. I read more problems about the 1993-1994-1995 and even some 1996 LS400s, than I do the 90-92s, or the 97-04s. Perhaps someone else may have more information about this. The 98-00s seem to be among the best. These were the last years for the original classic design- which is my favorite.

You can probably buy a very low mile 90-92 LS400 (if you can find one) for about the price of a nice average mile 97-99 LS400. Just keep in mind, as the years go on- more features were added, or optional. The 1990-92s are not plain-Jane models and they have a build/material quality as high as any other year LS400. Most everything is standard, with the exception of a few options.

The transmissions in these cars seem like they will last for hundreds of thousands of miles, as do the engines. I would say one would typically last 500,000 if maintaned. I have heard of miles reported as high as 750,000 on these cars.

Good luck.

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