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Hid Headlight Problem 98ls


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Anyone know about HID lights? My 98 ls came stock with these lights and one of them went out. my question is, when you turn on a bad bulb may it burn for just a little while, ie is there a little bit of gas left? or when a HID light is out, its out?

thanks in advance for your response.

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well, they are totally out now. for a short while though, i could turn my lights off, then turn them on right away and the bad one would light up for a couple of seconds. now it may be a really low flicker for 1/10 of a second and then it is out.

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i should give a little more background. this light went out over the weekend and i thought, no biggie I'll just run down to Checker Autoparts and get a new one. The guy looked at me like I was insane when I showed him the old HID bulb. Said this is the first time he had even seen one of these bulbs. Told me there was no way I would find one other than the dealer. On my way home I thought I would contact my dealer to just see how much the bulb was. Well, my lexus dealer would not just sell me the bulb, they wanted $380 for the bulb and $100 for the install. Almost $500 and the wife may kill me. So i did some serious searching last night and here is what i found... this is part Philips D2R 85126. here are two websites that have 'em... $144

and $77us 70euro

Over and out...

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WOOOOOAH !! ........ that's worth looking around a bit for.

1___I was under the impression that the HID lasted much longer than regular halogen bulbs? Is that so?

2___Also, is it obvious that it is the bulb? Does it look "burned out"?

3___Can the "ballast" go bad as well?

4___Is it the sort of thing that would be worth picking up now (at a savings) to have handy since it will most likely have to be ordered anyway?

5___How difficult is it to replace?

6___Lastly, did it give you much notice before it went out? Or did it just quit quickly?


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1) I think they do, to the best of my knowledge, this is the first time the bulb has had to be replaced. 102k on the car. i was checking on Philips website and they said this bulb should last 3-5 times longer than a halogen bulb.

2) kind of, but i have not seen the new one yet either, looking on the website at a picture of a new one, my bulb looks burned out. the gas globe section is a brown color and the new one looks like a light grey/blueish color.

3) i dont know what the ballast is, but i assume this is where the bulb plugs in. i checked this last night as well, everything looked great on it?

4) shipping from germany is going to take 7 days, if you have an older lexus, it may be worth the $70 to have one on hand, i ordered two so i have one on hand when the other goes.

5) taking it out was a snap. this was the passanger side so i had to remove the airfilter to get at the light housing. unscrew the cap on the back of the light, remove a metal cap and finally unscrew the bulb. On the drivers side, i assume one would have to remove the battery to get at the housing from behind.

6) there was no warning, I would have guessed this would have come up in the information center as it did when i had a taillight go out last summer, however, last weekend is just went out.

hope this helps and you let me know if I can be of further assistance. I will post again after the bulbs get here and I slam one in!

over and out.

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Hope you got my PM. In the PM I said the size was D2S but I see you found it was D2R.

Those are both good prices on the bulbs. If the dealer says thats what the problem is, then go right ahead and order the bulb and swap them out. Since you already removed it to take to the auto parts store then you should be able to replace it.

You wont be able to see the ballast its attatched somewhere on the forward frame of the car to replace HID theft. Its the "igniter" for the HID system so to speak. I'd try the bulb first just as its the easiest thing.

One word of advice, wear medical rubber gloves you dont want to touch the glass. You may also want to order two bulbs and replace them both just to ensure even lighting, although HID lamps aren't supposed to dim as they age.

The HID lamps SHOULDN'T have burned out. They're supposed to outlast the car. However, sometimes things like voltage spikes, contamination etc happen. I'd say order the bulb from the $77 place (as long as its phillips) and replace away!

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