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Rx300 Parked For 4 Months, Won't Start Now.


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I have this Lexus RX300 (2000) that I had parked in the grage whe I went overeas on extended vacation. After coming, I tried to start but there was no actvity, not even a click, no auxiliary lights, nothing. I even tried to give it a jump start, but it was all the same. The car is just dead, before/after jump start. What surprises me is that even a jump start doesn't result in any click, lights on, or what not.

The battery in the car was new installed and was used for only about a month before I parked the car. I even unplugged the battery cables so the battery won't go down. But, apparently it is down. but any ideas, why the jump start doesn't produce any activity? thanks!

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i would say either the battery terminals are not contacting or you didn;t reconnect the terminals properly

but i am sure you already tried redoing them

do you have multi meter?

or just call lexus you should have roadside assistance still and warrenty

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Hello skperformance,

Thanks for responding! I don't have a multimeter, but I took out the battery and took to a NAPA store. The battery was down, they charged it to full, did a load test which came out fine. I put it back in the car, but still the same problem. There's simply no sign of life.

I begin to suspect if the starter has a problem. unfotunately, I don't think I have any watranty left on this car.

I would hate for it to be towed for some minor fault. any suggestions?? anyone??

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