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Sold My Ls And Bought A Gremlin


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No - I did not BUY a Gremlin - but I'm starting to wonder if my LS HAS a 'gremlin'!!

Last night - as I was out driving - I wanted to adjust the seatbelt anchor thing - but it didn't work. That was odd - I thought - because it worked perfectly fine before. So when I got home - I tried again. This time it DID work. [sorta] I pushed the button and the seatbelt thing went UP [when I pushed 'up'] but then it went DOWN again - AFTER I let GO of the button. I then tried again - and it did the same thing. Third time - it didn't do anything. :( Hmm... So I then I tried other buttons - just to see if everything else was ok. It was [or they are] until I got to the memory seat thing. I pushed the #1 button [the only one that's 'set'] and everything adjusted [as expected] except for the driver's side mirror. It worked - or I should say - it moved - but it didn't STOP moving. It kept tilting upward and wouldn't stop. After about 10 seconds of 'clicking' it finally stopped. I decided to leave the car and go inside the house. [where it was safe!!]

Now I'm just saying a little prayer in hopes that all will be fine - the next time I try.

Any ideas of what could be causing this?!

Craig!! :huh:

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