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Suspension Upgrade "how To" Finished!


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For anyone that's interested I've put together a "HOW TO" for installing springs and shocks. The pdf file can be downloaded here ...

SC400 Suspension Upgrade

The file is slightly over 1MB so if you have a slow connection it may take a while to download. Feel free to make suggestions for improving the article. If you notice any errors I'd appreciate an email, PM or post to that effect.



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Excellent work! Thats exactly what I did this weekend :D . I found that using a 3/8 socket extension (6 inch) worked even better to put in place of the zip tie to hold the front control arm. Using the socket extension it was easier to remove it and replace it to get the strut assembly in and out- and it was easier to just slide the extension in VS. trying to get the zip tie in. I actually had to remove a few more bolts on the windshield washer reservoir (all of them so I could move it) to be able to get the control arm bolt out- that required removal of the lower shield attached to the front bumber since one of the bolts was on the back side of the reservoir. Not sure if this helps any or not but I wasn't able to get that bolt out without being able to move the reservoir out of the way. I definately appreciated the pics- they did help me and I'm sure it will help other tackling this job as well!

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Thanks for the positive comments guys!!


When I initially removed the upper A arm I tried using a zip tie to hold it in place but found that it would stay in place without the pivot bolt but your idea of using a 3/8" extension is excellent and a lot safer! I'll add that tip (and credit you for the idea). As for the washer fluid reservoir, I was able to move it out of the way by only removing the upper and lower bolts ... perhaps the other mounting point on the reservoir is broken or the bolt is missing ... I'd better check on that.


P.S. This is not a difficult project to tackle and it's certainly something that can be done in the driveway.

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Definately something that can be done in a day with normal tools(K9crew covered all the tools needed on his site). I started about 11AM and was finished by 4PM- I rolled thru 6 or 7 beers and pizza so that might have slowed me down a bit. :P . I found that regular tools(not air) worked just fine but it definately helped when compressing the springs! i just wish I had access to a lift like K9crew did- that would definately cut down on the time!

As for the Reservoir I had 3 bolts holding it in place and the 3rd was only accessable from the back(front of the car) and had to remove the plastic below to gain access to the bolt. Thats not too big of a deal except the 10 or so screws you have to take out to get the bottom plastic off! there were like 4 different styles of screws holding it on which would make for a confusing time if you didn't make sure they went back in the same place they came from. Maybe I just had to many beers at that point since it was the last of the 4 to get changed :wacko: !

At any rate the instructions K9crew povided are excellent and should be all you need to do this yourself.:cheers:

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  • 9 months later...

i'm ordering the tokico HPs and eibach pro-kit for my 92 sc4.

the lexus dealership said i should replace the worn parts too (what they referred to as "strut tops")

i've read a bunch of stuff here and i'm wondering what exactly it is i need to get.

i'm assuming these are the rubber/plastic parts like the insulator, spring bumper, suspension support, strut piston lock nut (i got these from the various suspension pics i've seen on this site)

is there any place to get these besides from the dealer?

are the parts i need the same for the rear struts?

are there matching interchangeable parts i can use from a supra?

does anyone have a blown-up diagram from the shop manual for the front shocks and rear struts, with part #s?

thanks for the help.

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