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Hello Lexus Fans!

As many of you know, the store was created specifically to support this community forum. Everyone at The Perfect Shine, LLC appreciates your business.

In the spirit of community, we are offering members a 15% discount on all orders over $20 through Feb 1, 2004. Please use the coupon "LCC" at checkout.

For a limited time, we would also like to make our detailing guide (Autopia Guide to Detailing) available as a free download. I have created a special version for members. Links in the book lead back to, which supports this site.

To download the ebook (MS Windows format), browse to and save the file to your Windows Desktop. Click on the car icon to run. To view all chapters, please register your copy. Your name/email will only be used to notify you of new versions (2-3 times a year). A future version will be specific to with all Lexus pictures and information.

I am available as a resource to your club. I don't know it all, but detailing and making cars beautiful is my passion. I've probably make every mistake and have seen every possible problem. So, in that regard I've been around the block. If you have a Lexus specific question, I have the resources to find the answers.

If enough people are interested, I'd be happy to host a Lexus Detailing Day in So. California.

Thank you!


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Thanks for the warm welcome!

One of our recent customers works in the Toyota/Lexus corportate leasing department in Irvine, CA. I asked him how big the So. Cal. market is and he indicated that it was the largest single Toyota/Lexus market in the world. I suspect we would not have a problem getting quite a few Lexus owners for a meeting.

What if I could get use of the Meguiar's classroom facility in Irvine? They have classroom space for about 25 and a nice detailing garage.


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I have been looking at your ebook. As a fellow car detailer probably about your age judging from the Schwinn Orange Crate report, I am very impressed by the straight forward quality. My compliments on an outstanding book. If you wish to publish this in the future, my friend owns a small publishing company (Lone Tree Publishing). You could put out books very reasonably and he has the connections to market them. Whether you pubish it on your own, or with someone, you should as you could easily sell your product. Interstingly enough, I have been working on a book on Interstate driving which I plan to publish in about a year.


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