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97 Es 300 Lame Driving Lamps


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I have a great 97 es 300 with it..... but the driving/fog lamps are so lame you can't notice a difference if they are on or not.....this model has plastic lenses that have vertical ridges that are half the problem........are there replacement lenses that are clear

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I cannot help with the lens question, but I can offer a alternative suggestion.

The stock H3 bulbs are pretty dull, as you have found out.

Try a different bulb. I replaced the stocks with PIAA Xtreme White Plus H3 bulbs within a month of owning the car. The PIAA are 55w bulbs that cast the equivelant of 110w (according to the manufacturer). According to me, they where just brighter and did not harm the wiring at all. You may find these cheaper than lens replacements.

just a suggestion.


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oh yeah... NEVER stick with OEM bulbs... they are horrible.

if you want a cheaper than PIAA solution, check out other brands with strong bulbs, such as sylvania superstars, i personally have MTEC headlights around the car. they're Japan make and are rated at the quality of PIAA. MTEC has actually even bought MUGEN in japan. pretty scary... but check out other bulbs. just be sure not to buy too high power input because it might fry your wires. and that's costly.


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MTEC has actually even bought MUGEN in japan. pretty scary...

mugen is owned wholely by honda motor company of japan.

It is run by the CEO of honda Mr. Honda

his son runs the Mugen division responsable for the f1 division bearing there name.

I highly doubt any other company but honda owns mugen.

foglights are all crap they are jsut for show

i have a $700 set and tehy are still crap in real fog just like in europe they do no good.

The only good kind of foglight are the rear facing red ones which make you more visable to other cars behind you.

Like the 2 that are on the rear trunk lid of a GS and IS which are both rear facing in europe and asian markets.

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