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Anyone Riding Dunlop Sport A2's


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Hi Steve..........Check out the You will find customer ratings

and comments about the tires they have purchased. Their prices on Dunlaps

are great. I have an Ls400 and have been buying Dunlaps for quite a while.

You may also want to check out the Continental "Extremes". Great for all

year round driving

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believe me hank, I have done all that.

The Sport A2's seem to wear out prematurely....

The Conti Extremes tend to get flat spots when the sit for a while...

all according to reviews on and

I have my name on a set of 4 ContiExtremes, but they are not due in for 3 weeks.

If I cna make it to April first, then the 18" wheels go back on and I will put the all season tires off until next October.

I have been done the roster on all brands. Michelins, Goodyear, etc.

I don't want to go less than an H rating and at 215/60-16, that leaves me a little thin.

I won't replace with the Bridgies RE92, I want guiet, good rain and light snow traction as well as good dry traction and most of all I want at least 30,000 miles out of the tread.

am I too demanding. :blink:


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I have the SP Sport A2's on my 92 ES300 for the past two years with about 43k miles on them. I haven't had any trouble through all the snow, slush, and rain that's befallen the Washington, DC area these past two winters. These are a hugh improvement over the previous D60 A2. Even with over 40k mile, there's still considerable tread to last me through the summer.

I've had even wear on all four tires with regular rotation. I'm not very agressive on these tires, but when I do push it, the tires never fail to hold and provide feedback when at their limits. I do not have any experience with the Continental Extremes, but I have tried the ContiTouring Contact CH95 with no complaints except for low treadlife.

Just my 2 cents.

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i have the dunlop sp. 225 60 16 and i like em a lot. i put rims off of a 99 ls on my 92 and got some of the wider dunlops to fit. and it corners so much tighter. the grip is much more prevelant. they are pretty good in the rain also. but with any high powered rear wheel drive car u have to be carefull in the rain getting sideways and such. haven't tested on snow or ice, i park it in that kinda weather. to dangerous

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