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Running Light / Headlight Replacement

don m

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The driver side running light on my 93LS needs to be replaced. I have surfed

the LS400/430 forums and found info about the headlights but nothing specific

to the running light. Assuming the running light bulb replacement would be similar,

does the battery really have to be removed in order to access the back of the

bulb housing or is there a EASIER way?

Don M.


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All you do is to is to remove the one screw under the hood--at the fender edge that holds the parking light in. after removing this screw, pull the back of the light out[away from the fender then pull the whole assy toward the front of the car. There is a stud on the front of the lens that inserts into a mount retainer. You may have to tilt the lens foward as much as you can then spray WD-40 down in the retainer location--you can see it by shineing a flash down in the location.

nothing else has to be removed.

The bulb holder twists out 1/4 turn.

If you want a 'white' bulb see pg 26 in gallery and the comment on the 'after' photo.

good luck.

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