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Nakamichi Stereo Stinks?

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After I bought my '92 SC400, I was excited to think of listening to the Nakamichi stereo with the upgraded 10" Subwoofer. When I first put in some of my favorite CDs, I was very diapointed to say the least. My previous '94 Accord's stock stereo seemed to sound just as good. Are all SC Nakamichi systems this mediocre? Are they suppose to sound far better than the average stock car stereo? Or might there just be something wrong with mine?

Anyone who owns or has heard a SC Nakamichi system, please respond. I'm not sure what to do.


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maybe the nak amp under the cd changer was replaced with a pioneer amp. it would only put out 4 channels instead of 5. or the amp may be damged and not working to specs. is there a 12 inch by 9 inch by 3 inch trunk cd changer. it takes up the whole bracket space. the pioneer amp is only 8 inch by 4 inch by 3 inch and only has a small heat sinc on one end and only takes up a third of the space in the bracket under the cd changer.

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Yes, there is the 12 disc CD changer in the trunk. I don't think anything was ever replaced; I believe the entire car is still factory; I bought it from the original owner. All speakers seem to be working, but how would I know if something isn't working to factory specs, such as an amp? Can an amp be working, but not 100%?

If this helps: The mids and highs seems to be somewhat okay (I suppose, but still not impressed). I have the bass knob on the console cranked to high to get any bass out of the system, however, what I get is bass that sounds like low midrange, around 80 hts maybe? And not only is the bass not really what I'd call bass but low mid, the bass insn't overwhelming in the least. I would assume that with an amplified 10" sub and the bass know cranked to high, I'd have to turn the bass down because there'd be so much, but that isn't the case.


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