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Grill Guard


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hmmmm....I don't know if I'll make friends or enemies with my response to this one...


Grill guards? I hate them. I think they're useless. Purely cosmetic. They really don't serve any sort of function. Plus, if you actually hit something with them, they bend backwards -- right into the grill and hood -- just the things that they're supposed to guard!

That said, from a purely cosmetic viewpoint, I think Jaos makes one that's pretty nice -- and there's another one that seems to be quite popular -- but the brand name escapes me.

Now, if you're serious about protection and sturdiness (and non-wussieness ;) ) you might want to look into a bull bar (also known as roo bars -- roo as in kanga)

ARB and TJM both make very nice bull bars. I have an ARB bar on my LX 450. They sell both with or without winch capability. The TJM bars are a little less expensive (about $400) and the ARBs a bit more (mine was $650 a couple years ago). I know of several people who have hit deer while travelling between 50 and 70 mph -- they had NO damage to their trucks and virtually no damage to their bumpers! The installation of the bull bar bumper is quite easy -- just remove the stock bumper and install the bull bar -- okay, well not just that easy becuase they do weigh a couple hundred pounds, but it can be done in an hour or so by 2 people in a driveway (or you can have it professionally installed)

For a pic of mine, take a look at the LX450/470 gallery -- mines the one on the Rubicon trail.

I'm sure that someone might take offense to this...please don't. I'm just stating my set up isn't for everyone (just for those who don't want to look like a wuss :P )



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Depends on the use you want it for.

I put a TJM T15 guard on to protect the front from parking scrapes. Took it off after a year as I got fed up with polishing it.

The bullbars/roobars are a different matter entirely. Two types available her in Australia - steel or aluminum. They cover the entire front. You can also get side bars that link from the roobar down the front sides and link into the side steps.

The alloy ones are light and will collapse back into the bodywork if you hit something hard enough. another car, a person, or a roo.

The steel ones are heavy. Mostly you will need to have the front suspension adjusted/changed to take account of the extra weight. Steering also feels funny as you now have a lot of extra weight sitting right out front. Tyre pressures may also need to increased at the front.

Having a roobar will also change the crash dynamics of the vehicle. Both the effect on your vehicle and on the vehicle you hit. Hitting something is unlikely to bend the bar back into your bodywork, unless the force is great.

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Waag was the one I could not remember the name for.

I just saw one up close and personal yesterday on a '97 Land Cruiser.

For looks, it's okay.

Protection-wise -- I still say it's worthless.

Just my $0.02 worth.



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Buy it in brushed steel and make sure you buy the taillight guards to match. I agree somewhat that they are mostly for appearance but they do make the vehicle look more aggressive. It looks naked without the taillight guards though. If you can afford a Lexus, you can afford the nicer accessories.

I do a lot of off road driving at my place in northern Wisconsin and the guards do protect from small branches and brush. I also backed into a tree (slow speed) and the taillight guard protected my lens from braking.

And don't wait for the wife to say YES, just go and buy it.

dakrri!! ;)

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It really depends what you intend on the bar to do. Most of the brush guards on the market ie:Smitty Built, Manik, Go Rhino etc, are purely cosmetic. If you want to avoid a shopping cart scratch, this is the way to go but if you really want a sharp look and functionality go with an ARB or TJM bull bar. The steel is cheaper, but heavier. I drive a 2002 FJ 100 with a TJM T1 aluminum bull bar and Warn winch and it's a nice set up. Especially when I pull my friends in Landrovers out of the thick stuff.

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