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Buying 20's For Gs300 2005

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Hey guys, i hope that my question isn't that stupid but these are the things that bother me sometimes. My birthday is coming up and my girlfriend said that she would go half with me for a set of 20's chrome for the lexus GS300. The thing is i don't have the car yet. I am definitely going to lease the 2005 when it comes out next Jan. But do you guys think it is stupid to buy the wheels now . The thing is i just hope the fitments are the same as prevouis GS3's. It would be horrible if they didn't fit after a all that time. Also, i bought 18's chrome on ebay 2 years ago for my grand am, but this time it worries me to buy because 20's are alot more money and i don't want to be scammed. Do you guys have any places in mind that have cheaper chrome wheels for lexus other than ebay, because i know if i go to the local wheel shop on the highway i will pay almost 3,000 dolloars. for that much money, i would rather get the chrome 18's that come with the car and just lower it maybe 2 inches. Just let me know what you guys think. I don't mean to sound like an idiot but i have loved the lexus GS ever since it came out when i was in 6th grade and now hopefully i can lease one and what better to start than with the new model GS. Thanks guys. let me know what you think

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personally why dont you just wait until you the 2005 comes out so you can get the spec and make sure you get the right wheels.just my opinoin.if you have to buy them now ebay is a ok choice to start but just make sure the seller has ALOT of feedback and then you wont worry about getting scammed.hope this helps :D

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There are all kinds of places to get a good deal on 20's. You just need to do your homework and put in the time to look. I found mine in the Dupont Registry, but had my buddy thats a manager at discount tire to order mine at cost through him. Not to sound pessimistic, but you never know if you'll have the same girlfriend when you get the car. Then you're paying for them in full. Just a thought! If you were married, I'd say wait, but you never know! :lol:


P.S.Thanks for making some of us feel old by stating you were in the 6th grade when you first liked the GS. :(

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i called the dealership, they said that the new GS would be ready for purchase or lease in jan. of 2005. I really hope he is right. if anyone has info please let me know. thanks guys

Thats not what Lexus corporate is saying about the release date...

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