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Is300 Engine/driveline Modifications


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I have a black 2001 Is300 (automatic) with 125k. It is almost completely stock, save for a few things which we'll get to later on. I love this car. I really like the drivability of it, and don't want to sacrifice any of its reliability or luxury. However, i wouldn't mind the car having just a bit more OOMPH, so to speak..

I'd like to get a thread going where we can discuss minor modifications to the engine/driveline/ecu systems that can increase performance. By minor i mean relatively easy mods that a fairly experienced tuner could complete themselves. There is a lot of great information on this site about forced induction, and more than enough on body mods, but it would be great if we could get some real-world feedback about current bolt on performance parts from people who are running them!

As a few starters, i've been wondering about the benefits to this particular car of:

'Cold Air' Intake


Underdriven pulley systems

Automatic transmission upgrades


Ignition controllers

What are the most efficient, inexpensive mods that yield the greatest results?

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