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Gps Navigation Missing Surface Streets

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POSTED TO WRONG FORUM GROUP, but if you have a solution for my missing street names that is great. I'm a brand new member (March 28, 2009) discovering this forum. I've searched for answers to my 2002 LS430 GPS problem to no avail. I have never updated my GPS system so it still uses the 2001 version. On Mar. 21, I used my GPS system which displayed the surface streets as well as the main highways. On Mar. 22 I used my LS430 to jump start a 1992 Cadillac and succeeded. I did notice the large amount of corrosion on my battery posts so I cleaned it off with a baking soda/water solution. When I was going to use my GPS on Mar. 26, I pressed the 'I Agree' button to display the map. Well, none of the street lines and names appear. Only the main highways. Also, suburb names have suddenly appeared. Can anyone help me restore the street names? I've considered the GPS upgrade to 2008 and am wondering if this is my only solution. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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:P I'm embarrassed to admit my own ignorance. I played around with the map display and tried the magnifying glass with the plus sign "+". Evidently, the battery jumpstart process caused the electrical system to activate the magnifying glass with the minus sign "-" as the default view which I'm guessing means show less details on the map. To have the surface streets reappear on the map, press the magnifying glass with the plus sign to add details. My bad.

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