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Es350 Nav Hack & Other Stuff...


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> Just picked up my 2009 ES this week...

2009 ES350


Non ML

Non XM/Sirius

> Already ordered the VAIS SL2Vi and got the discount.

> I'm planning on doing the speed sensor switch mod that I've read about on the posts and I've got some questions about that and some other random things...

1. If I do the speed sensor mod is there any need to also do the hybrid DVD mod?

2. I saw the excellent writeup on doing the speed sensor mod. Will this solve all my problems (complete NAV control, phone, and other settings while in motion)?

3. Does anybody out there have the pinouts for my NAV/Stereo system?

4. How do I eject the NAV DVD?

5. I know how to access the maintenance screens. Is it true that the NAV override can no longer be done here (I'm pretty sure the answer is yes - just want to make sure).

6. Once you access the maintenance screens how to you get back to normal operation? Looks like I have to turn off the car to do it.

7. I would like to also add a switch to turn on the backup camera (good for verifying that I'm all the way in the garage before closing the door). Is there a wire for "reverse" that I can mod?

Thanks in advance.

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I am in the same boat as you. I have 2009 ES 350 Premium used to have a 2007 Nissan Altima with Navi. There mod was super easy installed Single pull single throw switch after cutting one wire. It then allowed you to play DvDs, enter address, etc (access any function in the nav system you wanted to) I would assume the lexus should not be any different. On the back of the navigation there are two wire harnesses. What I would do is drive with someone once you pull the navigation off get on the highway set the car at 60mph in the right lane and use a wire tester find out which wire on the lexus is the speed wire. Go to radio shack pick up the wire kit its about 10-20 bucks use the Green one that is about 20 ft long in the kit but the 3-7 dollar SPST switch from radio shack or home depot or menards. Cut the wire attached to the harness somewhere in the middle of the length then cut the green radio shack wire in half install half from the nav and the other half on the wire side attached to the MPH gauge put the switch in the middle and PRESTO! Switch off = car thinks going 0 MPH and you can enter whatever you want. (notice the triangle on the GPS will stop moving when switch is off


Leave the switch off for long period of time will take a while to recalibrate your location so if you have it off drive twenty miles then switch it back on the GPS may say you are not on a road or show you in a lake or something until it re-calibrates your correct location.

COST= $20-50 dollars

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