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Homelink Canceling Out Keypad For Garage Opener

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I have been to HomeLink's website and I still can't figure this out.

If I program the HomeLink to open the garage door, for some reason it erases the keypad password on my opener (Linear).

If I reprogram the password, it erases the HomeLink connection.

We don't use house keys to get in our house, we just enter through the garage using the keypad. But, I park the car in the garage, so I need them both to work.

Any suggestions??


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Have you looked at the owners manuals for both your keypad and garage door opener? ---> http://www.linearcorp.com/manual_list1.html

Are you pressing a button on the garage door motor housing when programming both the keypad and the opener buttons in your GS? My understanding is that this is required when programming remotes, including keypads, for most HomeLink compatible openers -- at least that is what I had to do to program the HomeLink in my 00 LS, a Sears/Craftsman key pad and a bunch of remotes which are also Sears/Craftsman.

Maybe your Linear opener or keypad isn't fully HomeLink compatible. Give us some model numbers for the keypad and opener and we can do some recreational reading of their manuals.

Also, is the receiver on your Linear garage door opener the original one? I remember a thread last year on this forum where the member's garage door opener had an aftermarket receiver that was not HomeLink compatible.

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Yes, I have to hold the receiver up to both the opener and the HomeLink to do any programming.

Thank you for the Linear link, we can't find out manuals!

I will go find the numbers and get back.

It seems like I can only get one or the other. I just carry the clicker in the car to open it (But I don't want to LOL).

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Don't feel bad. I've programed my Homelink several times and it has sometimes taken more than one try. Timing is everything when programming the Homelink.

The other thing is that many garage door openers have a ring buffer (first in, first out/erased) that only holds 5 devices, so if you program in more than 5 opener devices (ie: the original 2 fobs that come with the opener, maybe 2 cars with Homelink, a keypad), the first one that was programmed gets kicked out. I ran into that when I tried to add a 6th device for a friend.

-- mike

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