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Hard Starting

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My 2002 GS 300 with 65000 miles on it starts hard. It cranks a long time when cold before it starts. Does the straight 6 motor have a seperate start injector on it? If so where is it located. Additionally how much should it put out or does that vary with temparture, density ect? I had one go bad on a Mazda 929S once. I measured the output and found it was defective.

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No separate start injector. The PCM directly controls injector pulse width based on ambient & coolant temperature and intake air density & temperature.

So give me some help. Why does it crank so long? I had a problem with temparture sensors in the block and bottom of the radiator, and put two new O2 sensors in bank one because of the engine check light. Pulled fuzes to cancel the light. That was 182 miles ago. The light is still out. The manual says "change the plugs at 60,000 miles". Is it that sensitive. I have never changed the plugs is the LS 400 at 90,000 miles. It starts great. And this used to in a flash. Kenneth

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