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1997 Es300 Rear Deck Speaker Removal

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I have a1997 ES300 with the 7 speaker system (pioneer) well i cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the rear deck sub out, i want to replace it with a better one. i tried to pry gently on the cover and it didnt move nor did i force it. i have a chiltons maual that addresses removing the high mount brake light that is back there and cannot figure how to get that out either. it staes instuctions for toyota camrys and avalons which i assume they are thinking are the same as the lexus es300. i looked behind the head rests of the seats and see no levers or anything to lower them, looking thru the trunk there is what i think is a factory amplifier fro the sub and i see (4) sets of threads coming from what would be the 4 corners of the sub, but i only see the threads, the heads of them are underneath the speaker cover in the car! can someone please give me a simple solution to where to start with this, i cannot even figure out how to get the high mount brake light out.

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