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Lexus Mechanic Groups As Alternative To Pricey Dealership Repairs?


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I am located in Fort Worth, TX and I have head over the years that there are certified Lexus technicians who have formed groups to provide a less expensive alternative to the pricey dealership repairs. Is this true, and if so, can anyone recommend a group and/or Lexus-certified technician in my area (Fort Worth)? I have a 2004 RX330.

I have been leery about doing this in the past, but after I was quoted $1,500 on a repair at the dealership that just didn't make sense, I am fed up!

Help! Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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There is a shop called JP Importz in Dallas:


I've obviously never met the guy but I have never heard a bad thing and he's very active on Lexus forums. I know some members have travelled hundreds of miles to have him service their Lexus vehicles...

If you want first hand referrals PM Blake916 and ArmyofOne.

If I lived in Dallas/Ft Worth thats who I would use.

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Plano is probably further off than you'd like to drive, but there is an Independent here - Davenport Motors (972-612-3377), on Plano Parkway just west of Coit. They only do Lexus, and are GREAT to work with. The two owners are, as I understand it, ex-Lexus mechanics at least, as are the rest of the mechanics there. They don't mind AT ALL taking you back into the shop to look at the issues on your car directly, and give you all the time you need. First-timers get a free oil change. (No – I don’t work there, and they aren’t related. )

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