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Looking At Purchasing A Used Gx470


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We are looking at purchasing a 2004 Lexus GX 470 with 60,000 miles.

I'm wondering what the most common problems are with these trucks and what should I be looking specifically for?

Any major issues to be concerned with as far as the engine, drive train, or suspension?

Hoping that I don't spend a pile of money and end up with a money pit.

Thanks everyone!

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Common problems have been discussed numerous times already. But for a quick cheat sheet of them, here they are:

Clunk from rear driveshaft (there is a TSB for it)

Sulfur Smell (more common in 03s, but still possible in 04s)

Leaning from KDSS

Vibration (forgot where it came from, i think it was from the steering.. common in 03s and 04s)

But since the 04 you are looking at is at 60k miles, I presume it's probably been through the 60k check/tune-up so you shouldnt worry too much about it.

As far as the ride difference between all the years, there is none. The KDSS is mainly for off-road purposes but I believe (correct me if i'm wrong) it does not affect the ride comfort of the vehicle.


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