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Dutch S400 Probs


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hi all..

I'm michael from The Netherlands and got my Ls400 for about a month. it's a '92 Gold edition, The ONE and ONLY in this country.. ;) Drove in California till '00 then came here with an american officer..

I really love the car, but somethings annoy me..

My back airshocks sometimes ''bottom out'' when it's set on Normal. on High it's fine but it looks so damn ugly.. sensor's? leaking shocks.??

i've been looking for some Coilover or aftermarket bag suspension

also my Cd changer does not work.. it reads the disc's and starts playing, but you only hear some sort of static noise if you put it on max..

i've opened up the dash and found this:


now that's not OEM... :lol: who can tell me which wires are from the cd changer..??

and last week i ran a flat left back tyre, and since then the Traction control and ABS lights are lit on the dash..( they don't work either) :P

cant find anything damaged in the inner arch..

crappy phone photo of my daily drive:


hope y'all can help me out..!!



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Hey! Welcome to the forum! :cheers:

I've never heard of a Gold Edition before! More pics would be much appreciated! :D

As far as your problems are concerned I don't have too much experience with the air suspension. But I know you should be able to get a spring conversion kit. Around here they are like $600-$800 USD according to Pure Drifter.

Do some searching and you'll find more info than you ever even wanted to know!


www.lexls.com/tutorials ;)

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I know lextreme.com has some coilovers. Do you mean just painted gold? If so I have a gold addition too :D I don't know which

wire(s) are for the cd changer, but that looks stock to me(minus the tape). I just changed out my headunit to an aftermarket one, and those look to me like they are the stock wires. Did you still have everything stock in the center consule? BTW welcome to the wonderful world of LOC

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i'll check the documentary of the car, i'm pretty sure it says gold edition.. will make some pics..

i'm lookin for a smooooottthhh ride, i already got a 400bhp nissan Silvia driftcar which is rock hard, so no drift or race orientated coils.. there not much V.I.P styled cars here yet, most are big spoilerd agressive over the top styled european cars.. :wacko: so im going VIP.. got my eye on some Work Euroline's and SSR vienna's.. not sure which ones i want yet..

really loving the curtains..!! where did you get them from.?? i'm badly in need of aftermarket parts..!!

still got the stock radio unit.. but someone's been messing around with the wires..

also got some new issue today, took the car for a drive on the dutch Autobahn this evening, and after i'd hit 160 and slowed dow the Revmeter kept stuck on 3000rpm..

a nice firm bang on the dash fixed it..

thanks for the welcome..


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