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Resale Value

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Has anyone tried to get a resale value for their GS lately? I was thinking about getting a convertible for the summer and the pricing has been very low on the trade. I was wondering what other people would think an 06 GS 300 AWD with 47,000 miles on it would be worth. It has the upgraded 18 inch wheels spider wheels. I thought the demand for used cars was increasing?

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It's not the "blue" book value that the dealers are looking at though, it's the "black" book, which gives the actual auction prices of that type of car. At least, that's where they start when quoting your trade in value. They offered me only $12k for my 07 Mazda 3gt last weekend, with 30k miles and every option available. I laughted, and told them if we're going to go off of black book, then I need to borrow his and look up the numbers on the 01 GS430 I was looking at. They came up a few thousand dollars on my trade. If they go "black" book for your trade, then insist they go "black" book on the car you're wanting. Apples to apples. You've also got to take into consideration your location. MI isn't exactly in an economic boom these days, and selling a $25k car might be a tall order from some dealers to do.

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That "black" book is a load of crap. The auctions are not giving the dealer a sale. I went to try to trade my 03 ES with 65k miles in on a 09 RX and they came in and offered me $8,000, my jaw dropped to the floor. I was infuriated that they would even try to cheat me like that. Especially since they are trying to clear the 09 inventory.

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