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07' 350 Brakes "spiking"?

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I've had my 07' with 21k miles on it for about 2 weeks now, and seem to be getting something weird when driving around town. At a decent speed (30 mph+) when it comes time to put some brake on, it seems like they "spike" then ease down. I know I'm not stomping on the pedal, and have tried a couple times to ease the brakes on, but still get it occasionally.

Anyone else have the issue or know what's up?



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I have noticed that on only a few occasions in my 06 but have never really paid attention to it other than just pass it off as possible a change in pressure in the booster. I am a responsive/tactile driver and find myself very aware of vibrations, sounds and sensations such as this. I can say that braking was not effected in the least. I just found my self pressing ever so slightly more (but not much). I didn't see if as a problem. I also cannot recreate it at will. The best I can surmise that it occurs when trhe tranny is downshifting and simultaneously braking lightly.


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