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Changing A Water Line

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Hi all,

I have a 93 GS300 and one of my water lines developed a hole. It's the line on top of the compartment that's almost against the wall to the cabin. I'm told it connects a valve and...I don't know what else. The brake fluid resevoir is just to the right.

Anyway, I'm having trouble taking it off to replace it. The visible portion of the hose came off easy, but then I tried to pull it off the bottom connection and it ripped. Obviously the thing was rotting. So we're left with a strong clip and an old piece of rubber that needs to come off before the new hose can go on. But we're having problems getting to it.

Directly in front of the hose connection is a black cover that's held in with four allen bolts. Off that is a hose with a hand-squeezable clamp.

Any idea what this is? I'd like to take the black cover off, but I'm not sure what's under it and even if it would help give me access to the clamp.


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