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97 Sc300 New Owner


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I just picked up a silver 97' SC300 auto. i needed a daily driver i wont mod i have a civic i have torn apart over the past 4 years that finally gave up the ghost last thursday. so i need a car to get around and get my civic fixed and picked up the 300 from my friend who has owned a few, his last one was 1jz swap and i always loved it.

It came with some chrome rims im not to fond of im thinking of some 18's with the right tire size (what is the stock tire size by the way?) im thinking blackw ith a chrome lip would be nice. Ill get some pictures up soon i just cant figure out where i put my camera...

Here are a few questions i had.

There is a shake in the front end over 60mph and its intermittent, i think it might be the caliper seizing but im not sure, ideas?

the cd changer is broke, the cartridge doesnt go in right does anyone have any pictures of theirs especially the pins that hold the cartridge in?

I dont want another loud car but it would be nice to hear the engine when i get on it. Would a midpipe help? or Header? or any quiet cat backs?

thanks for your help


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