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Pics Of Matador Red Is F-sport Wanted

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Hello all,

I want to see what my matador red 2008 IS-250 would look like decked out in all of the F-SPORT options. In particular, I'd like to see what the F-SPORT wheels look like on the matador red. Has anyone seen any pictures?


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This does give me some ideas as to what it would look like. However, I was actually referring to a stock IS250 with all of the F-SPORT accessories installed rather than the ISF.

The ISF wheels are a little different than the F-SPORT wheels.

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I see. I have seen the stock car with the F suspension but that's it, that drops the 250 AWD down to the same height as the 250 rear wheel and 350 rear wheel drive I think about 2". I don't think I am likely to see it with all the goodies... the wheels (2 grand I think without the rubber), brakes, etc....talking big dollars

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