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Auto Trans Differential Fluid Change 1997 Es 300

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i have a 1997 es300 i drained and filed the trans before, but now want to drain and fill the differential, there is a seperate drain plug and a seperate fill plug, because these are sperate units. takes about a quart from what i read. i was told that you can pull the drain plug to drain it, but do not have to use the filler hole to fill it, that you can use the tranny dip stick tube and once you start the car the fluid will then mix itself. IS THIS TRUE? i was told this by a mechanic at the toyot dealer. i dont wanna drain the differential, not use the filler hole and run the risk of funning it dry. its a pain to get to that filler hole underneath the car so the tranny filler tube would be much easier if this is true.

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