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03 Ls430 Noise At Startup Fan / Bearing ?


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I have an 03 LS430 that we just purchased - 38,000 miles. It is a certified car and I have an appointment to drop off the vehicle at the dealer later today.

Here is the problem. When the vehicle is cold (1st start in the morning), I hear a clatter - almost sounds like a fan chirping. It does it at idle and upon acceleration. If standing in front of the car, it sounds like it is up front - noise comes right out of the grill. You can even hear it from in the car with the windows up as you drive it. When the car comes up to temperature, the noise stops. Once the car is up to operating temp, even if shut off and restarted - no noise.

Acceleration or power in the car is not affected. The engine does not stumble and still runs perfectly.

Any thoughts on what this may be?

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Ok - back from dealer - car was warmed up so no chirping. Told them to wait until engine cold and start it up. Mentioned fan noise, etc. Service rep quickly said it sounded like the belt - said they would check it out - but suspected they would need to "lube" the belt or at worst tighten the belt. He was very quick to believe it was the belt. Never heard of lubing the main belt.........

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