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Gurgling Sound (4 Times) In Dash After Shortly After Shut Off


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I'm hopefully not the only to have encountered an annoying "gurgling" sound emanating from the dash.I need to knowwhat is the cause and cure?

Approximately 1 -2 minutes after the engine is shut off you you will hear this distinct gurgling sound four times and each time it is preceded by a slight hum from the dash as well. (This hum was always there but you would only hear it once and apparently that is normal according to the manual.)

Also at startup( if you hit the key too quick ) you will hearing the aforementioned <_< "gurgling" sound and the top switch labeled " FRONT" for the windshield, will flash until the 'gurgling ' sound stops.

Heater and AC etc all still work fine but this unknown sound is getting to me.

The answer/solution please!!


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That sounds like the HVAC system is resetting itself.


The HVAC system is resetting itself after the battery was disconnected. It's going through all the settings and opening/closing dampers bringing it to an intial state. I believe it should only do it once though.


Remember the LS (at least the 95+ on models and I bet the LS 430 as well) does not have physical air flaps; instead there are vents etched in mylar and then the whole bit is on rollers; supposedly this makes the system lighter and more compact but I bet it takes forever for all those things to completely cycle through all their settings.

That's why you hear a "gurgling" sound. My guess is that your car is somehow losing electrical power when it is parked, and because of that, it is resetting itself when you start the car. Do you have any difficulty starting the car? Maybe your battery is going bad.

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