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Cost Of Changing Tires And Brake Rotor And Brake Pads For A 2003 Es300

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Tire Rack has the Bridgestone Protenza RE92 tires in 215/60R16 for $155. I've bought lots of tires from them beginning in the early 1980s when they first started advertising in car magazines ... they usually have tires I order on my door step within three days. http://www.tirerack.com/

I had an indie shop change my front brake pads with OEM pads and turn the front rotors on our 00 LS400 at about 72,000 miles for a little over $200. The original rear pads on our LS should last beyond 125,000 miles. Rear brake pads can last twice as long as front brake pads. It's usually not necessary to replace the rotors unless they are damaged. I doubt if the cost for an 03 ES would be much different.

FYI, unlike in earlier years, the 03 ES and the 03 Camry V6 do not use the same brake pads. You won't be able to buy brake pads for your 03 ES at a Toyota dealership.

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you can get the rotor and brake replaced by any indie ASE certified. i purchased the parts from pembroke lexus and the labor was $60 for my front brakes and rotor replacement. check your local craigslist for indie tech.

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