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How To Reset Low Tire Warning Light?

Rich D

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Look in section 4.3 of the owners manual. Note, the "reset" buttom is way up inside the drivers footwell, along with the buttom to disable the smart key system.

Yes, the button is well hidden. Look almost directly above the gas pedal.........way up under. The manual would have you believe the button is about knee level on the bottom of the dash.....not even close.

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I have a 2004 LS460, and just had this problem this week. I called my local Lexus dealer and got this reply:

Procedure to turn off Low Tire Pressure light

The low tire pressure warning system uses the ABS tire speed sensors to determine if tire pressure is low. Low pressure means that the tire is not as big in diameter and will therefore turn faster than fully inflated ones.

There are no sensors inside the wheels - they have rubber valve stems.

To reset warning:

Under dash on drivers side, press button marked 'Tire Set'. This initializes reset process.

Drive car for 30 minutes at no less than 19 MPH and no more than 62 MPH

Signal will be reset

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Thank you all! I found the button - thanks to you and no thanks to the owner's manual writers. I've had false low tire warnings before (with all 5 tires reading fine); and the dealer swore he fixed it (while still under warranty). When it came on this time, I was cursing out the dealer . . . til I found a sidewall bubble in one tire. Nice to have all that technology working as envisioned!

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