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2010 Rx 350 Driving Impressions

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I've had the car for about 3 days now and with just 120km on the odometer. First off, 275hp is plenty for your everyday use. This is crossover after all, and not meant for racing or really aggressive driving. The ride is smooth and there isn't a lot of body roll when entering a sharp turn or corner at higher speeds. The steering is a little too light for my taste, as I've driven German cars and their steering and feedback is much better. The brakes are pretty good, not too touchy as other Japanese models (i.e. Acura MDX, which I test drove). Even with heavier braking, the car does not lunge forward, which is pretty impressive, considering this is a Lexus and its heavy weight. The chassis feels well balanced and almost as stiff as the BMW X5. I'm breaking in the car right now so I haven't had the opportunity to really test the car's acceleration. However, the throttle is not too sensitive like older generation Japanese cars with overly eager V6s under their hoods. Instead, there is good throttle control, similar to the Germans. I guess for a luxury crossover, I'm really impressed and happy with it so far, considering the fact that I traded in my 911 C4S. Once the break-in is done, I'll be able to give more feedback on the acceleration.

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