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2001 Rx300 Odd Noise


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Hey everyone! I'm the new owner of a 2001 RX300 (73,000 miles) and I've noticed a noise coming from what seems to be the passenger side of the car. It sounds almost like coffee brewing (that's the best way I can describe it). It seems to only happen when the car is at idle, and it doesn't seem to happen all the time. I had the vehicle inspected at my local Lexus dealer before purchasing the car and it came back with a clean bill of health. I'm not sure what the mystery noise is, but any input is appreciated!



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I had a similar problem with our '04 RX. When I took it to the dealer I described it as a gurgeling noise. It was coming from the footwell area. Initially (under warranty) the dealer couldn't reproduce the noise. Later (our of warranty) they heard the noise and said it was some sort of dirverter door related to the auto climate control. Since it was reported under warranty, they fixed it at not charge.

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